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8888CRE Commercial Investments

Meadow Park Office Building
(Walnut Hill, US 75 & Meadow Rd)
Dallas, Texas 75231
9:00am – 5:00pm
(972) 805-7587


Meet Our Founder

Roxanne Marquis

Founder of 8888CRE, Roxanne Marquis is a global force in commercial real estate investment. With two decades of expertise, Marquis executes strategic partnerships with international investors for property acquisition and financing. Her strategic foresight and results-driven approach have established her as a trusted power broker in commercial real estate.

Roxanne Marquis has successfully expanded her influence across Asia while maintaining a strong presence in the USA, fostering robust relationships with key clients in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and major American markets. Her ability to navigate diverse markets and cultures has been instrumental in facilitating high-stakes negotiations and securing lucrative deals in these regions. This strategic expansion showcases her adeptness in international and domestic real estate dynamics, further strengthening 8888CRE's position as a leading entity in global commercial real estate with a broad and impactful reach.